1 Year old boy with CP - ABM intensive with Ness

He is doing great : now he also manages to crawl on his little knees, right - left, right - left, where right knee goes a little further.

The kiné told us she finds his improvements spectacular where she in the beginning thought he would never crawl and certainly not in the correct way with both little knees at once together like some cp babies do, but most of them do not crawl at all apparently.

According to neurologist at UZ Jette, the high tension has decreased. We are so fortunate he makes so much progress.

We are now convinced that ABM method works 😊. During 10 days after the intensive he has done no other therapies and another milestone was reached, he got to sit on his knees!

And now some nights he sleeps the whole night through, not yet all of them but good progress indeed.

This week he made his parents proud as he managed to get himself standing on his two little feet by pulling himself up on the couch.

Before you gave him his 3 days intensive, he only had Bobath and after ABM we saw a clear difference, it is indeed a very valuable method.

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