ABM Outcomes

Read What parents, caregivers and those who have taken ABM lessons have to Say about Neuromovement.

Parents sharing about changes seen or felt during and/or after an intensive and/or starting ABM.

The differences can be in:

  • Movement (gross and/or fine motor skills)
  • Thinking & cognition
  • Emotional regulation
  • Language & communication
  • Sensory integration
  • Connecting & interpersonal relations
  • Breathing
  • Sleeping & eating patterns
  • Swallowing
  • Awareness of self or environment
  • Focus & concentration
  •  ....

Scroll down and click on the links below to see testimonial from parents, caregivers and those who have taken ABM lessons themselves.


What Parents and Caregivers Say About ABM / Neuromovement

Click on the links below to read testimonials from other parents, caregivers and those who have taken ABM lessons themselves.

Marie, 7 months, epileptic encephalopathy stxbp1 
We absolutely love the results of the intensives with Ness. Our daughter is diagnosed with a genetic disorder and epilepsy. The first time we came when …

3yr old: Central motor disorder - developmental delay, low tone, hyperflexibility 
We are very happy to have started our ABM path with Nessa when our son had just turned three years old. Ever since he was born it was clear that his …

9 mois - Hypotonie et Nystagmus  
Grâce aux leçons ABM avec Ness, notre fille s'est ouverte au monde, elle est devenue toute épanouie et heureuse de découvrir ce qui l'entoure. Elle a commencé …

13 years old - Distal trisomy of chromosome 10 
We have noticed that Rayna is standing up and sitting down much better now by bending her knees and bending her body more forward than backward and so …

Keith - autism 
Keith has made a great progress after his last intensive. This shows mostly in: - More patient to wait for something - More interaction when we …

Olivia - 10 months old - Perinatal Stroke 
Bonjour à tous! En ce dimanche matin j'ai envie de remercier Ness de nous avoir fait découvrir la méthode pour notre petite Olivia! Après 4 séances …

1 Year old boy with CP - ABM intensive with Ness 
He is doing great : now he also manages to crawl on his little knees, right - left, right - left, where right knee goes a little further. The kiné told …

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