Lily's ABM Progress Updates

Below I documented Lily's progress after each cluster of lessons with an ABM practitioner. Most changes occur during the sessions or within two weeks afterwards. Some of the changes are very easy to recognize like pulling up to standing, starting to eat or making new sounds. Others are sensory, emotional or behavioral. One thing is certain - after each cluster there is change and each change builds on the previous changes.

My ABM practitioner training is not yet complete, I'm only now finishing the basic training which is not focused on children.  But I gently practice what I learn on Lily and I apply Anat's Nine Essentials.

Lily is making slow and steady progress but we really get results and sudden changes after clusters of sessions with experienced practitioners.

(No lessons in January 2017).

February 2017 NEW: Pointing and Kindergarten

  • Lily just had a cluster of ABM lessons the first week of February and this past week she surpassed our expectation when she adapted with joy to starting regular kindergarten. 
  • During a lesson with our ABM practitioner, Marianne Nelissen,  Lily pointed for the first time to the toy she wanted and said "this".  Since then she is pointing all over the place.


I can’t say for certain that ABM was responsible for this well-adjusted Kindergarten start. However, ABM does have an impact on emotional regulation and our attempt to start kindergarten in December was a complete disaster.  Lily was very distressed, inconsolable and could not control her emotions. The teachers were also rather discouraged.  I discontinued taking her to class.

Two days after her February ABM lessons Lily took the initiative to go to her kindergarten  class herself when I was taking her brother to his class. 

She choose to enter and stay in her classroom - no drama :) I picked her up hours later. The same thing happened for the rest of the week.


Lily has been making steady progress but her communication skills where lagging behind most of all.

The last months she finally started making some real progress in this area - she began using gestures and making sounds to communicate.

She started to point to things she wanted or to things I asked about.


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