Marie, 7 months, epileptic encephalopathy stxbp1

by Ksenia

We absolutely love the results of the intensives with Ness. Our daughter is diagnosed with a genetic disorder and epilepsy. The first time we came when she was 5,5 months and she was not interested in toys yet, also she wouldn’t try to grab anything. After the first intensive (three days) she started taking objects with ease, also she discovered her feet, she began to show more often if she isn’t happy. Before the therapy with Ness we had huge problems with breast feeding which became absolutely normal after some weeks! The second time we came for three days when she was 6,5 months old. After these lessons she became just extremely active, she would play all the day long with her toys. She started to make new sounds and is trying new moves. Ness is making magic with kids, and we are so happy that we found her in Belgium !

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